How can increase sales and lower expense through digital selling?

Welcome to the new era of digital sales, where automated, self-serve buyer journeys transform the selling landscape.

As a revenue leader, you’re well aware of the challenges in boosting revenue growth in today’s rapidly changing business world, where statistics show that today’s buyers are increasingly moving away from traditional research methods when looking for solutions. Instead, they prefer self-education methods that don’t involve direct interaction with sales representatives. This fundamental shift in buying behavior calls for a new approach to selling, one based on automated buyer journeys serving up hyper-personalized, dynamic content to educate, compel and convince a buyer to purchase.

Intelligent buyer journeys offer an ‘always-on’ digital selling experience, available 24/7/365, that aligns content with buyers’ questions and preferences. As buyers progress through the journey discovery data is captured directly in your CRM,  highlighting the buyer’s insights for consultative selling.

Companies implementing Splashmetrics have witnessed remarkable outcomes:

  • 8-fold increase in engagement
  • 50% reduction in customer acquisition costs
  • 72% decrease in sales cycle duration.

As a revenue leader, if you want to improve the sales performance of your teams, you must adapt to today’s market dynamics and buying behaviors. Digital selling is here and progressive companies like embracing this revolution will deliver greater revenue performance at half the cost of their current models.

Now is the time to explore Splashmetrics Buyer Journey Intelligence for your sales teams to keep pace with these changing market dynamics. For example, how can digital selling address the challenges faces? That depends on the specific challenge…

This is how can vastly improve customer acquisition.

Splashmetrics is a transformative digital selling solution for revenue leaders grappling with the new challenges of customer acquisition in today’s digital-first marketplace.

Our innovative platform seamlessly integrates with the evolving buying behavior of modern consumers, who increasingly prefer self-directed, online research over traditional sales interactions.

By leveraging advanced analytics and intelligent buyer journey mapping, Splashmetrics provides deep insights into customer preferences and behaviors. This enables revenue leaders to tailor their strategies, ensuring that marketing and sales efforts are both highly targeted and relevant.

Our platform’s ability to create personalized, engaging content journeys fosters a stronger connection with potential customers, enhancing lead conversion rates. Furthermore, Splashmetrics streamlines the sales process, reducing the time and cost associated with acquiring new customers.

By providing a comprehensive, data-driven view of the customer journey, Splashmetrics empowers revenue leaders to make informed decisions, optimize their sales funnel, and effectively meet the demands of today’s self-serve buyers. This strategic approach not only addresses the immediate challenge of customer acquisition but also sets the stage for sustained growth and profitability.

This is how can communicate its unique value.

Splashmetrics Buyer Journey Intelligence revolutionizes the buyer engagement process by providing a hyper-personalized, stage-aligned content journey that answers every buyer’s critical pre-purchase questions – educating, compelling, and convincing them to buy just like a sales rep would. It’s the modern way to communicate and prove the value of your products or solutions to every engaged buyer.

For example, in the early journey stages, our AI-driven content like this smart ebook focuses on educating buyers, highlighting the unique value of your product or solution, while addressing their specific needs and pain points. This kind of interactive, bespoke content serves to build a strong foundation of trust and understanding with the buyer in a two-way conversation that simply cannot happen with traditional content like PDFs.

Moving forward, leveraging the qualification data provided first-hand by the buyer via strategic interactions such as this smart survey, subsequent content dives deeper into proving the value of your product or solution. For example, in the next stage, a dynamic assessment/report built with our platform can provide specific answers to even more specific challenges in real time, giving insights about the product or solution, and showcasing the benefits, features, and real-world applications. In other words, you can actively sell the buyer on your value while they are engaged with content…not after.

Finally, as the buyer transitions into the final stages of the journey, something like an AI-driven ROI calculator can serve to prove the financial value of your product or solution.

And, now armed with all this hyper-personalized information, the buyer can self-progresses directly to the purchase decision, with a deep, informed appreciation of the product or solution’s value – convinced of its fit for their business.

As you can see, Splashmetrics transforms the traditional sales process into a comprehensive, buyer-centric experience.

This is how can gain much deeper customer insights.

Splashmetrics stands out in its ability to provide invaluable buyer insights and capture the nuanced discovery information essential for businesses aiming to understand and cater to their target audience effectively.

The platform achieves this through its deep integrations with various customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, and its sophisticated data analytics capabilities, which meticulously generate, track, and analyze customer interactions at every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey.

For example, via strategic interactions like this interactive chart you’re using now, your sales teams have invaluable buyer-direct qualification data at their fingertips (e.g. – BANT, etc.). This discovery information is not only captured directly in the CRM in real time, but is also organized and made accessible for strategic use in alerts and automated sequences and playbooks.

Additionally, by monitoring how potential customers engage with the journey content, Splashmetrics gathers rich, actionable data, revealing preferences and behaviors, as well as pipeline efficacy and velocity. This deep level of insight allows businesses to fine-tune their marketing and sales strategies, ensuring they are aligned with the specific needs and interests of their audience.

As a result, Splashmetrics empowers businesses with the clarity and detail needed to make informed decisions, tailor their approach, and ultimately build stronger, more personalized relationships with their customers.

This is how can significantly shorten sales cycles.

Splashmetrics significantly shortens sales cycles, achieving reductions of up to 72%, by leveraging the power of online education and sales development. This impressive efficiency gain is rooted in the platform’s ability to engage and educate buyers through a well-structured, hyper-personalized content journey that begins long before any direct sales interaction.

The key lies in Splashmetrics’ full alignment with the modern buyer’s desire to self-serve the sales process. By providing comprehensive, hyper-personalized information about products and services, the platform empowers buyers to learn at their own pace and convenience. This educational approach addresses many of the questions and concerns that would typically be handled during sales conversations, thereby reducing the time spent on these stages of the sales process.

Furthermore, Splashmetrics dynamically tailors this smart content to the specific needs and interests of each buyer, based on data-driven insights. This personalized approach ensures they receive the most relevant information, fostering a quicker and deeper understanding of the product’s value and applicability to their specific situation. 

Additionally, the insights gained through these strategic interactions allow sales teams to focus their efforts more effectively, targeting the most promising leads with the right information at the right time. This targeted approach not only speeds up individual sales cycles but also increases overall sales efficiency.

This is how can close far more sales.

Splashmetrics’ digital selling platform is designed to help sellers close deals faster by optimizing and streamlining the sales process through several innovative features.

Firstly, the platform enhances the buyer’s understanding and engagement with the product or service through a hyper-personalized AI-driven content journey. This targeted approach ensures that potential customers receive relevant and compelling information that aligns with their specific needs and pain points. By educating the buyer effectively, the platform shortens the time required for them to reach a decision, as they are already well-informed about the benefits and applicability of the offering.

Secondly, Splashmetrics employs advanced data analytics to provide sellers with deep insights into customer behavior and preferences. This information allows sellers to fine-tune their sales strategies and communications, ensuring that they are addressing the most pertinent issues and questions that a potential buyer might have at each stage of the journey. By being more relevant and focused in their approach, sellers can move prospects through the sales funnel more quickly.

Thirdly, the platform provides deep integrations with various customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. For example, via strategic interactions like this interactive chart you’re using now, your sales teams have invaluable qualification data at their fingertips (e.g. – BANT, etc.), providing sellers invaluable buyer-direct information necessary to close the deal in the very first call.

Lastly, the platform’s ability to automate certain aspects of the sales process, such as follow-ups and content delivery, frees up sellers to focus on the most critical aspects of closing a deal. This efficiency not only speeds up the sales cycle but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the sales team.

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Splashmetrics offers a simple value proposition…

Splashmetrics addresses many common challenges faced by sales leaders in today’s highly competitive market. For example, this is how our tools solve these 3 key problems:

Splashmetrics streamlines the process of identifying and qualifying leads. Splashmetrics delivers a self-serve digital buyer journey experience that is operational around the clock, available 24/7/365. This constant availability significantly boosts engagement rates, especially when strategically aligned with the target audience.

Intelligent buyer journeys begin with education, guiding the buyer through a well-structured solution sales development process that can include ebooks (like this), infographics, case studies, assessments, ROI calculators and demos. Splashmetrics’ education to sales development approach leads buyers to a purchase decision in half the time of a traditional sales process. Consequently, Splashmetrics not only enhances the buying experience for buyers but also dramatically increases sales efficiency for your teams.

Keeping track of sales performance and understanding what strategies are working can be a significant challenge. Splashmetrics provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features that help sales leaders monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and sales metrics. This data includes conversion rates, sales cycle lengths, and customer engagement levels. But it also includes invaluable buyer-direct qualifying data that you simply can’t get with other solutions. With Splashmetrics  insights, sales leaders can make data-driven decisions, adjust strategies as needed, and provide targeted adjustments to improve performance. This not only helps in achieving sales targets but also in aligning sales efforts more closely with the overall business goals.

By solving these problems, Splashmetrics plays a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of any sales team, ultimately contributing to increased revenue and business growth.

Let Splashmetrics do the selling for you!

Splashmetrics sets a new market standard as the world’s first digital selling platform for today’s self-serve Buyers. How does it work?

As buyers progress through their self-serve sales journey, strategic content interactions are tailored to gauge their needs. But our game-changing AI-driven content goes far beyond mere assessment. As you’ve seen above, the content dynamically responds to identified objections or challenges, presenting targeted messaging that highlights the value of your solution in addressing these issues. This deeply interactive approach not only educates your buyers in a hyper-personalized way, but also validates and actively sells them on your behalf.

And this kind of interaction is just a start. You can easily build on the basic chart interaction above with our Premium RippleWidgetsTM for much more sophisticated strategic interactions leading to more in-depth selling and data (see the next section for examples).

No other solution on the market provides this level of intelligent, self-serve, content-based selling. After all, more informed buyers making more purchase decisions are exactly what drives revenue and ROI. And isn’t that the focus of every like you?

But it gets even better as all this data is immediately pushed directly into your CRM…

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Buyer intelligence revolutionizes consultative selling.

Splashmetrics revolutionizes buyer intelligence, offering a solution unparalleled in today’s market. Traditionally, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Business Development Representatives (BDRs) engage in time-consuming discovery calls to qualify opportunities, a process that can be inefficient and error-prone. Splashmetrics addresses this by collecting and curating the invaluable data from these buyer interactions, and immediately pushing it into your CRM in real time! This way sales knows where every buyer is in the self-serve pipeline – as well as their level of fit to the ICP.

In cases where the interactions indicate a highly-qualified buyer, Splashmetrics fires a “Buyer Action Alert” within the CRM. Automations such as workflows, sequences, playbooks, etc. can then easily be built atop this critical information.

More importantly, with a single click, sales can access a report that fully defines the buyer’s priority pain points, budget, time frames, concerns, objections, decision making criteria, etc. – complete with automated lead scoring. Every piece of qualification data at their fingertips to close the deal with this specific buyer when it’s time.

Armed with this new class of buyer data, Sales Managers and Partner Sellers can develop more effective, consultative sales strategies – and reduce the sales cycle by up to 72%.

Splashmetrics stands alone in its ability to provide this depth and quality of data. And, best of all, it’s actively selling for you 24/7/365 – across the globe!

To underscore the power of our SplashMaker AI-driven content, this eBook was quickly and easily built using the SplashMaker SmartDoc template that comes with all our weblets. It dynamically serves up 3 completely different versions of the messaging and graphics, all fully personalized to each and every buyer and company that comes into it. And it does all of this for about the same cost as producing an outmoded PDF!

Furthermore, unlike most “smart content” platforms which are proprietary and expensive, our SplashMaker content imposes no creative limitations whatsoever. If you can dream it up – you can build it…very affordably.

Check out this interactive video for more…

If you’re not seeing a 50% decrease in customer acquisition costs, an 8X increase in sales content engagement, and a 100% increase in buyer intelligence – now is the time to connect! After all, your buyers aren’t waiting around for you…


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